MAY 31 - JUNE 2, 2024
Private Lessons available on Monday, June 3, 2024
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We try to offer sheepdog training clinics twice a year: late spring/early summer and fall. Pending interest and participation, we like to have one beginner and one advanced clinic each year.
Check with our Facebook page ( BRITISH COLUMBIA) or our Google business page for announcements.


Since 2017, our development focus has been to build a venue to facilitate training for sheepdogs, and we have built several arenas to accomodate this goal.
These arenas may be available for practice with sheep or ducks on a 'drop-in' basis.
We usually have working courses and pens set up for these practices.

Drop-ins on ducks - $15.00;
sheep - $25.00.
Drop-ins are limited to two short sessions-- no more than 20 minutes each --to keep stock from being over-worked.

Summers have recently turned quite hot, and sheep should not be worked in temperatures above 25C (77F), so the best summer working hours are between 7:30am-9:30am.
Cooler days extend the time available for practice.
Unfortunately, it has not been cooling down in the evenings, so evenings are not generally available.

We have Katahdin/Shropshire wethers for working sheep, and Indian Runner ducks.
These are light, reactive sheep and ducks are always unpredictable.

Prior to using our practice facilities,we will ask for a signed liability waiver, and a statement of previous experience of handler and dog.
We expect calm working dogs that respect their stock. Dogs must be able to gather/drive, walk behind calmly, have a firm stop and call-off and respond to their handler.
Dogs that bark excessively, lunge or chase stock will not be accepted.**

We reserve the right to refuse stock rental to those we feel unqualified to work our animals without supervision.

Herding Lessons: We do not train dogs other than our own, but there are other trainers in the area that may. We recommend attending multi-day clinics as an excellent way to get started.
Looking for information on one of the many Facebook Stockdog group pages or doing a google search are good ways to locate clinics.
If you have a herding breed...
Even the most naturally talented herding breed dog will need training, and training them can take two-three years of consistent work.
The ABSOLUTELY BEST resource for the beginner-to-intermediate+ handler/dog team that I have found is online through the Fenzi Dog Sport Academy.
DS400: Herding Flatwork Foundation
Just about everything you need to know and how to prepare for herding with your dog is introduced here click for more info.

Another excellent resource for exercises to develop your herding breed dog and handler skills is a set of three videos from Lynn Leach at DownRiver Farm (Near Hope in British Columbia) Email Lynn to request the video set-
For more information, click here.

**Replacement of injured or killed stock: $300./sheep or $30./duck

  • 60'x100'duck arena
  • a 100'x200'arena (can be subdivided into two, 100'x100' arenas)
  • a 200'x400'large field arena
  • a 35'diameter round pen
  • a 50'diameter round pen
  • a 220' drive alley
  • An 70'x330' open field (can be used for dry camping)
  • Several small pens for penning and sorting practice.
  • Barn & Barnyard
  • Duck yard & orchard
  • Indian Runner Ducks
  • Whethers
  • Ewes