Privacy Policy

In General:

We are two folk running a little hobby farm. We are not here to invade your realm nor sell parts of it to third parties. It's a lot of record-keeping to be snoopy, and frankly, we don't have time to be snoopy -- we are way too busy taking care of our animals and gardens. If you contact us by messenger or via facebook, they will have way more info on you than we would ever need or collect, and THEY will keep you connected to our contacts unless you delete your account with Facebook.

Your Information:

We have products available on a seasonal and rotating basis, and may need to let you know when a product you favor is ready to be picked up. For this purpose, with your permission, we will keep your Email or phone number so that we can contact you when something becomes available. We always ask for permission to contact you or to keep your contact information.
We don't keep contact information or mailing lists in our computer. We keep a 'sheep/product list', a 'duck/product list',or a 'Produce list' hand-written and pinned on our bulliten board (how terribly quaint!). we only work from these lists (it's faster than firing up the computer and searching around the desktop, and it never gets swallowed by some internet vortex!).

What you give us is what we got

Your personal information comes to us because you give it to us-- through personal contact or via our website contact form. We don't trouble to keep back Email or inquiries unless you specifically ask us to put you on one of our product availability lists. Our little website currently has no applications or programs that gather information from your computer (way too high-tech for us!), so we aren't even interesting to hackers! (Imagine someone from Russia worrying about whether or not you are ready for a dozen duck eggs!)