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Item 1

Lambs & Hoggets

We have 2 MerinoX ewes, and 5 Katahdin ewes which produce 14-16+ lambs each year.
Our ram is a Shropshire ram, and is RR for scrapie, so our lambs are also resistant.
BC Law requires that we sell these lambs live for buyer's purpose.
Yearly lambs are available as lawn mowers, or for meat.

We are expecting 14-16 new lambs to be born in April,2024. Lambs will be available to new homes for growing-out in August, 2024.

Due to many commodity and processing uncertainties, this will likely be our LAST large group BREEDING.
Keep an eye out for a 'CLOSE-OUT SALE' on our lambs in early 2025.

The best buys for consumers are:
1) Purchase the lambs at 4 months - just after weaning -- and grow out and butcher yourself. OR
2) Purchase 1/2 lamb so that abatoir and butchering fees may be split -- perhaps go in with a friend...

*Hoggets are 1/3 larger (as they are older), the taste is a little stronger than early lambs, but we band (castrate) the ram-lambs their first week so there is no testosterone in their systems, and the flavour is the same for both ewes and wethers (castrated males).

If buying for meat, add butcher's fees (around $150.00/lamb).
Half a lamb may be purchased for half the scaled costs + $10.00 + 1/2 butcher's fees.
Standard cuts include; chops, rack, stew cuts, and leg and shoulder roasts.

All lambs must be purchased live.

**Proceessing is offered as a courtesy and a $30.00 carrying fee is added if we take them to the abatoir and butcher for you.

Most of our RAM lambs will be banded (castrated) at 5 days of age, so it is necessary to let us know if you are looking for a full ram before we begin our lambing season. (Non-refundable deposit required) Our breeder ram, George, has a very lovely temperament, and most of his off-spring are also nice in temperament.

Item 2

Wool Fleece

After shearing, we have 7 MerinoX fleeces, 1 Shropshire (ram) fleece and --depending on which whethers we keep-- one or more Merino/ShropshireX fleeces and quite a few hair/ShropshireX fleeces available.
The Katahdin/ShropshireX fleeces can be used for such things as rough insulation, mulching, moisture retention in planters and more.
Fleeces are not 'processed' and are sold as raw fleece. The price of each fleece is the amount we pay to have them sheared (+/-$18./ea).
Skirting is done upon request for $25./fleece.

Item 3

Indian Runner Ducks and Ducklings

We may (pending demand) incubate up to four groups of duck eggs each year. Sexing ducks is a serious skill, and we do not have it, so there is no guarantee on the sex of ducklings. Please contact us for current pricing on hatchlings & older ducks.

Ducks do not start laying until 5 or 6 months of age, and may not produce eggs until the following spring.

Item 4

Duck eggs

Duck girls are laying and their eggs are prized for baking! They are larger, richer and have a higher Omega3 and more essential vitamins and minerals than chicken eggs. They also have a longer shelf-life - especially if left unwashed until they are used.

We sell them unwashed for $9.00/dozen, or washed for $10.00/dozen.
Unwashed eggs will keep fresh for a longer period of time without refrigeration.
Washed eggs should be refrigerated and will keep for about 3 weeks.
< b>We ask that our egg customers pick the eggs up at the farm--the ferry ride is about 3-4 minutes and it is lovely!
Item 6

Apples and Danson Plums

We have two mature apple trees and one Danson Plum tree that are generous producers. We process many pounds of apples and plums into preserves, apple sauce, and chutney. Our younger fruit trees are just beginning their producing years, and yields are still small.
We have apples and Danson Plums available each year.