Billie Richardson

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A little bit about me:

I was a mechanical engineering consultant for 22 years in Calgary, and I remember watching the Calgary Stampede World Stockdog Championship years ago and thinking it was amazing! My stockdog hobby now takes me all over the world , and I have the privilege of working with my dogs and teaching internationally. My dog 'Cosmo' was the first dog I tried in herding. He was more of a 'show' bred Aussie than a farm dog-- but we stayed with it. While my first experiences with herding were very positive, I found it very difficult to find someone willing to work with us, so I spent a good bit of time just watching field trials and clinics. Finally, I attended a clinic in Saskatchewan with Trudy Viklund, who had Aussies that were AWESOME! | remember thinking that one day I will have a working Aussie like that! With Trudy’s help, I was able to acquire Dan, and the rest is history--as they say. I was both lucky and particular about who I would pick as my trainer and mentor. I wanted them to believe in me and my dog...and the Viklunds did!

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Billy and Dan

Dan was the first Australian Shepherd to qualify for the USBCHA (United States Border Collie Handlers Association) Nursery finals, and he made the semi- finals in 2013. He's also the first Australian Shepherd to qualify for the open finals, and we competed in the 2015 and 2018 USBCHA Finals. We have also qualified for the World Sheep Dog trial in Europe in 2019--an incredible accomplishment. Dan has done well with both sheep and cows in the USBCHA competitions. He's placed well and won many trials both in arena and field. His biggest win was as the 2018 World Stockdog Championship --the first non-border collie to ever win! He was also the 2018 Clock Stock and Barrel champion. He's been a finalist many times in both venues. Dan has also had good success in ASCA, placing well over the years in merit and finals standings, and qualified and ran in the 2017 ASCA Finals.
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Currently, I have four working Australian Shepherds.
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Pink & Vinnie

'Pink' who is 9, and a Dan daughter. I haven’t trialed with her as much because she doesn't seem to enjoy it, but she's a very hard-working and talented dog at my farm. Vinnie is 9, and I have trialled him with both sheep and cows in USBCHA. He's a great dog with plenty of talent. He has trialed a bit in ASCA and has placed well in the finals and ASCA merit standings.
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Jim Dandy & Frankie

'Jim' Dandy is just over 4 years old. He's had many High in Trial awards in cattle and sheep this year, and is the ASDA 2022 Arena Nursery Champion. He was a finalist in the 2022 World Stockdog competition - his first time there! In 2023, Jim was the ASCA Nationals Sheep Champion, High Score Stockdog, High Combined Overall in addition to the 2023 ASCA Finals Sheep Champion, Cattle Champion, and High Combined working dog. My puppy 'Frankie' is just over 2 years old and is incredibly special! She is a very ‘natural’ working dog and I'm very excited about her future. She has qualified for the 2023 USBCHA nursery finals, and has also done well in ASCA this year so far.

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My training style is simple; I want the dogs to understand pressure and go around their stock sensibly. I try to be firm but fair, and I want the dog to show respect to both the handler and the stock. It is my goal for people to see themselves and their dogs in a way they didn't know was possible with the hope of inspiring them to train and trial to be their best without worrying about the team next to them. I believe if you focus on your own set of dreams, they are more likely to come true. Trusting in and respecting your own team are priceless

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